Internet, Wi-Fi

The Airport offers public access toWi-Fi inmost ofitspassenger areas, including waiting andbusiness lounges, domestic andinternational departure lounges. Toaccess this service passengers need aWi-Fi card ormobile device embedded with Wi-Fi technology. Theservice isfree ofcharge only forthepassengers ofKrylia Sovetovcomfort area.

Authorization by a mobile phone number when connecting to Wi-Fi of the airport

When connecting to the wireless network of the airport, the user must be authorized.

1. Connect to Wi-Fi

When you connect to the wireless network Free-KUF, a window appears to enter the mobile number.

If using a mobile numbers of Russian operators, the number must be entered in the format +79, (make sure after thenumber 7and9youenter theremaining NINE digits ofthenumber), e.g. +79195677802.

When using a foreign operators need to go to the English version of the page by clicking on the icon. Enter your mobile phone number intheformat +country code andnumber, e.g. +391234567891.

figure 2.

Figure 2. Enter amobile phone number

After entering your mobile phone number, press the Send button, then an SMS with a code that you should enter for authorization will be send to your mobile phone.

2. Enter code

In the password field, enter the code received in the SMS and then click the button Send. See the figure 3.

figure 3.

Figure 3. Thepassword input dialog

3. Completion of authorization
After successful verification of the password, you will be redirected to the main portal page

figure 5.

Figure 5.

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