Kurumoch offers newdiscount program fortheairlines

The special discount system wasimplemented atSamara airport inorder toattract newairlines aswell astosupport those which arenowoperating intheSamara Region. Itprovides discounts forthecarriers which aregoing tolaunch newflights orincrease thefrequency ontheexisting destinations.

Discount program requirements andconditions arepublicly available andstay thesame foralltheairlines. Thediscounts will cover some oftheairport charges. Passenger flights launched onthenewdestinations will begiven upto60%discount during thefist twoyears, additional flights ontheexisting destinations will get40%off, atthesame time aspecial discount foranycargo flight will amount to40%.

The newprogram will help notonly tomake flight geography much wider byadding newdestinations butalso toattract newcarriers toKurumoch airport andincrease thetransfer passenger flow andmain traffic figures ingeneral.

Incentive program forairlines hasbeen successfully operating atKoltsovo airport since 2009. Thecarriers areable tobring commercial risks down; atthesame time thepassengers getbest available rates andmore opportunities forchoosing thepreferable destination.

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